Why does Angle steel corrode again

1. stainless steel Angle corrosion causes.

Stainless steel Angle can not form a passivation film or the passivation film is unstable and the passivation film is damaged and can not be repaired in time. In practical engineering applications, in many electrolyte corrosion environments, stainless steel Angle steel will often dissolve at different rates (sometimes even very slowly) even in the blunt state. Finally, due to the gradual thinning of the thickness (or section) of stainless steel Angle steel equipment, components, containers, etc.

Angle steel corrode again

2. Prevent corrosion of stainless steel Angle steel.

According to the type of corrosive medium, concentration, temperature and other conditions as well as the specific requirements of use to choose the grade of corrosion resistance. Then according to the corrosion resistance grade requirements to choose the appropriate stainless steel grade.

Choose which level to meet the requirements of corrosion resistance of equipment and components, in addition to the length of life, the characteristics of equipment and components (thick, thin, large or small) and the quality of the products (impurities, purity, color, etc.) are also considered. For example, in the process of use, it is required to maintain the equipment, components of the mirror or the size of precision and the impurity, purity, color of the product has special requirements for use, generally choose 1-3 level standards; And the requirements are not high, convenient maintenance or life requirements are not very long equipment, components, can choose 4 ~ 6 level standards. However, under normal circumstances, standards greater than level 6 are not selected.

The corrosion resistance of stainless steel Angle steel is actually evaluated by its corrosion rate under the condition of comprehensive corrosion. In the medium, the corrosion rate of stainless steel Angle steel in the use of the allowed range, is corrosion resistance, but this is not corrosion.

Due to a large number of stainless steel Angle corrosion manual for reference, and stainless steel in a large number of real media test data available for use, together with a large number of stainless steel Angle engineering experience, as long as we correctly choose and reasonable use of stainless steel, stainless steel corrosion accident is completely preventable. Generally speaking, in practical application, due to the advance understanding of the selected stainless steel Angle in the medium corrosion resistance, namely corrosion rate, grasp the service life of stainless steel Angle equipment under the reasonable use of conditions.


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