How to reduce deformation during heat treatment of seamless steel tube

In order to improve the strength and service life of seamless steel pipe, we generally use isothermal quenching heat treatment process method, because in the process of isothermal quenching can reduce the deformation or cracking of seamless steel pipe, the following to introduce this process method.

How to use isothermal quenching correctly to heat treat seamless steel pipe first?

According to the seamless steel pipe material type, size and specification, hardness and toughness, the requirements of deformation changes, processing working conditions under the comprehensive consideration of these factors can be selected.

Secondly, the heat treatment of seamless steel pipe should be paid attention to

In the poor hardenability of steel steel tube (such as: carbon seamless steel tube) for heat treatment can be within a certain range to improve the temperature of quenching heating process, because can effectively improve the stability of steel stainless steel tube austenite, so as to avoid the temperature is too low seamless steel tube high temperature non-bainite transformation.

Only some steel types and certain size of seamless steel tubes can be isothermal quenching process, because to avoid the seamless steel tubes in the cooling process of high temperature transition, will affect the quality of seamless steel tubes isothermal quenching. In accordance with the provisions: general effective thickness within the range of 5.5mm seamless steel pipe can be isothermal quenching; Generally, the effective thickness of alloy steel seamless steel pipe within the range of 35mm can be isothermal quenching, carbon steel is too high carbon content is not suitable for isothermal quenching.

According to the different performance requirements of seamless steel tubes, the temperature and duration of isothermal quenching process should be strictly controlled, otherwise the quality of treated seamless steel tubes will be affected.


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