The advantages of I-beam in daily application

Whether in engineering construction or in ordinary daily life, the back of the I-beam is shown, from this point can see the use of the I-beam category is really too common, and can reflect the demand for I-beam is really too huge.

Like everyone on their favorite items have been mainly, such as for a man who love food, so she will be to their own favorite food to eat a lot of, and be sure to taste can not eat, for a man who love to dress, so her clothes pants, boots, protect skin to taste will be more loss.

In fact, like the I-beam, that is, there are so many areas using this kind of stainless steel plate, then the I-beam must be attributed to its personal advantages, maybe understand the use of I-beam coverage because of what advantages, let’s understand it together.


  1.  light weight, engineering construction is convenient and fast.
  2. I-beam anti-aging, strong service life.
  3. the design of the I-beam is strong, the I-beam is convenient for laser cutting, electric welding, can adjust the length of the I-beam according to their own must.
  4. with dielectric strength, permeability magnetic good, fire safety and flame retardant, insulation layer heat insulation and other characteristics.
  5.  before and after all symmetry, since ancient times have paid attention to symmetry beauty, so I-beam from the appearance of the design seems to meet the aesthetic standards of many people.

Do you know the advantages of the wide coverage of the I-beam


The advantages of I-beam do you know, the efficacy of each stainless steel plate is not the same sometimes because of its own characteristics are not the same, the difference in characteristics caused by I-beam in the main purpose of the level will be very different.

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