Characteristics And Uses of 8 Series Aluminum-lithium Alloys

The 8 series aluminum plate is an aluminum-lithium alloy aluminum plate, and the main alloying element is lithium. Because lithium is the lightest metal in nature, adding lithium to the aluminum plate can effectively reduce the specific gravity of the aluminum plate while ensuring the strength of the aluminum plate. 8 series aluminum-lithium alloy has many advantages and is the representative of high-end aluminum plate.

Characteristics And Uses of 8 Series Aluminum-lithium Alloys
7 Series Aluminum Zinc Magnesium Alloy
7 Series Aluminum Zinc Magnesium Alloy

Features of Aluminum-lithium Alloy

1. Light weight. The biggest feature of aluminum-lithium alloy is its quality. The addition of lithium element makes the mass of aluminum-lithium alloy lighter than that of most metals. As the content of lithium element increases, its mass will further decrease, which attracts many scientists to study it.

2. High strength. Aluminum-lithium alloy has high strength, and its strength will not change significantly due to the increase of lithium element, and the strength of the alloy can be further improved by adding copper, magnesium, zinc and other elements.

3. High rigidity. Aluminum-lithium alloy has high stiffness and strong deformation resistance, and its stiffness will be further improved with the increase of lithium element.

4. Anti-corrosion. Compared with pure aluminum, aluminum-lithium alloy has good corrosion resistance and strong environmental adaptability.

5. Anti-fatigue. Metal fatigue is one of the main factors limiting the application range of aluminum sheets, and aluminum-lithium alloys have excellent fatigue resistance and long service life.

6. Good ductility. The aluminum-lithium alloy has good ductility, which effectively reduces the processing difficulty of the aluminum-lithium alloy.

Because aluminum-lithium alloys are mainly used in military, aviation, aerospace and other cutting-edge fields, and their production processes are regarded as secrets by various countries, although the performance of aluminum-lithium alloys is excellent, it is difficult to see the situation in the civilian field.

Aviation Applications of Aluminum-lithium Alloys

Aluminum-lithium alloys have been used or tried on military aircraft, civil airliners and helicopters, mainly for fuselage frames, flap ribs, vertical stabilizers, fairings, air intake lips, hatches, fuel tanks, etc. .

Aerospace Applications of Aluminum-lithium Alloys

For spacecraft structures, the reduction in mass can increase the payload, and each 1kg increase in payload can bring benefits of 4,400 to 110,000 US dollars. Therefore, due to the characteristics of low density and good performance of aluminum-lithium alloys, aluminum-lithium alloy structures are used in many aerospace vehicles.

Application of Aluminum-lithium Alloy in China

In the ordinary civilian field, the representative grade of the 8 series aluminum plate is 8011, which is mainly used for the production of bottle caps.


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